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Welcome to New Zealand's comprehensive guide to clothing optional bathing


New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty and in particular its stunning beaches, many of which can be enjoyed in a clothing optional way. A number of New Zealand beaches have been frequented over the years by naturists and skinny dippers and have customary nude status and as such will not attract undue attention from the prudish or nude averse community.

Also because New Zealand has no laws directly forbidding public nudity, those of us who wish to bath nude on our beaches are free to do so if we show respect and are discrete and mindful of others when swimming or bathing naturally (see our guidelines page)

If you would like to write a review of a beach you have visited or advertise your naturist accommodation or natural product on this site please contact us here.


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A comprehensive map of nudist beaches in New Zealand with directions of how to find them.

A guide to keeping our beaches safe for families and everyone to enjoy.

New Zealand has one of the shortest burn times of any country in the world so special care is needed.